OIL & GAS INSPECTION & TESTING SERVICES                                                                  


Industry Challenge

Products are traded and quality forms an essential part of the trade negotiations. Our clients need assurance that products will be
tested against agreed specifications.


Our independent testing laboratories offer routine and specialized testing on petroleum products. All equipment and testing methodology complies to ASTM and IP requirements. Laboratories operate to the latest ISO standards to ensure services undertaken are quickly,accurately and efficiently.


Industry Challenge

The quantity of products forms a critical part of trade negotiations and it is essential for accurate quantity determination. This minimizes the risks associated with quantity discrepancies which can lead to substantial monetary loss.


We protect the interests of our clients by ensuring the quantity of petroleum products are physically measured by our highly skilled inspectors using internationally approved methods. Some of the operations which require our attendance include

• import or export shipments

• ship to ship (STS) cargo transfers

• bunker surveys, on-hire, off-hire, detective surveys

• cargo custody transfers

• intertank cargo transfers

• sampling of storage tanks

• stock determination or reconciliation

Our presence ensures the integrity of these operations are maintained which can also minimize discrepancies and prevents irregularities.